Callaway Hex Black Tour Golf Ball (12 Pack) Review

Callaway Hex Black Tour Golf Ball (12 Pack) Review Callaway Hex Black Tour golf balls are excellent balls. They inspired a bit more confidence in my game, slightly more distance in drives and extra spin in the short game.

No golf ball alone will make you Phil Mikelson in your short game or make every drive over 300 yards dead straight. Compared to my usual golf ball, Srixon Q Star (Srixon Q Star 1-Dozen Golf Balls), drives carried about 8 yards longer, and hit the fairway more frequently. The really big difference was approaching the green; these balls stopped a lot quicker. Of course, like anything with golf, your mileage will vary.

For the average weekend golfer, this ball is probably overkill; the difference between this ball and about any other ball will probably not be noticeable.

There are three tiers of golf balls, under $20, between $20 and $30, and above $40. The Hex Black Tour lands squarely inside that $40 a dozen range, with the Titleist ProV1/x, Srixon Z Star, Bridgestone B330's, Nike 20Xi, and TaylorMade Penta. For the shear number of professionals that play the ProV1/x, no ball will likely ever unseat it from the top, or belief that it is the best golf ball. I played the ProV1x for a long time, recently switched to the Srixon (for a slightly less expensive ball), and have tried the Pentas. For my money, these Callaway's are a really nice ball; I like them better than the Penta or Srixon. Maybe not as much as the ProV1s.

The May 2012 issue of Golf Digest just finished a comparison of a 34 different golf balls. The numerical data was with irons, 50 yard pitches done by a robot, and which balls had what level of spin. They essentially made no judgment about more spin being better or worse, just that a ball that spins more will stop in a shorter distance on the green (the point is, a lot of spin could be good if you have really great distance skills and can drop the ball on the hole; it could also be bad if you expect to roll the ball a lot further on the green). As would be expected, the above $40 balls are designed for better players that want to stop the ball on the green - they all sat in a cluster at higher spin and lower launch angle. The mid range, were scattered in the middle to least spin, and the least expensive balls had the least amount of spin.

The balls were all blindly tested by golfers and those scores helped determine the gold and silver medals. These Hex Black Tour balls were ranked gold. This ball had a very similar spin rate to the ProV1/x, but had a higher launch angle.

Bridgestone and Callaway have introduced new dimple designs. Callaway is trying out this hex shallower dimple. It looks different and nice. Bridgestone is trying out a shallow double dimple. That design doesn't look as cool. It's not clear either design is better than the regular old round dimple. There are just too many variables to test the dimple design theories.

Callaway has designed an excellent brand new golf ball.

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Wilson SpongeBob Squarepants Golf Balls Review

Wilson SpongeBob Squarepants Golf Balls Review They are golf balls - what can you say? The value is in the Sponge Bob connection - my eight-year-old is a little intimidated at getting into what seems to be a guys-only world, and mostly adults at that, so she really appreciates that we can inject a little fun into learning golf. Right now they are too precious to use, but she'll get over that. It did what I needed it to, which is to make golf play again.

These golf balls did exactly what I hoped they would do: serve as a motivating tactic to interest my daughter in the game of golf. She loves sponge bob and now, she enjoys learning golf even more since she gets to do it with her pal Sponger Bob. Clearly, this ball is suited for even the semi-serious player, it's hard, it is unlikely to spin, it feels like hitting a rock / Pinnacle (when you're used to playing Titleist, Callaway, of Nike) but it is PERFECT for the beginner who loves Sponge Bob. A+. I hope Wilson comes out with more character balls in the future, because it really has add a fun new aspect to the game for young beginners!

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TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men's Review

TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men's Review I own an older Callaway driver. It's a VFT model about 10 years old and was about $400. It has the smaller head compared to these larger headed drivers. I read the reviews on this very inexpensive driver. So I went for it. The first day on the driving range was just to get a feel for it without any great expectations. I was shocked at the performance of this driver. I'm used to the smaller head, so this driver was easy to get used to and felt great! I was hitting crappy range balls 275 yards right off the bat! I highly recommend this club.

Update: 4-30-2010. I went and played golf with the usual buddies I play with. I showed them my new driver right off the bat. They asked me what I paid for it, but I wouldn't tell them. I said I would after the round was over. The first Tee-Shot was awesome. Long and right down the middle. They thought I was just lucky with a new club. I out drove all of them. Then it happened again and again. By the 6th hole of the front 9, they were convinced it wasn't luck!

They practically begged me to tell them, but I still didn't. Throughout the round they kept guessing. I did say I got a great deal. None of them guessed less than $150. At the end of the round I told them $20. They just about crapped their pants! 2 of them are buying this club now! I also bought another one just in case something happens to the first one. At this price why not!

Aden by aden + anais Cotton 4 Pack Muslin Swaddle Blanket Review ||

Aden by aden + anais Cotton 4 Pack Muslin Swaddle Blanket Review These are at the very top of our must-have's for baby. LOVE these blankets. They are so big, traditional swaddle blankets are far too small and practically out grown by the time you get baby home from the hospital. And the swaddlers with velcro, ha! Baby can get those off in no time. So many people say their little one didn't like to be swaddled. Babies LOVE to be swaddled when it's done right, nice and tight, it's soothing like being in the womb. They like to press against it and feel the firmness, it's like a soothing touch all over (as explained in the book, The Happiest Baby on the Block). These blankets are the way to do it! It does take practice, the blankets are so big it can be awkward. My husband is better at it than I am. I absolutely adore these blankets and cannot imagine soothing our baby to sleep without them. I also love that the fabric is breathable if it ever were to get loose and in his face. The prints are so sweet as well. I can't endorse them enough! Worth every penny!

I received Aden + Anais bibs as a shower gift and loved the design and fabric. So I searched for other products by this company and found the swaddle wraps. I was very reluctant to purchase these because they are a little pricey. However, it is the best baby item I've bought to date. They are so soft, light, and breathable. They are extremely versatile (use to swaddle, or as blanket, burp cloth, shade, nursing cover, etc) I don't leave the house without one. And my baby loves them, too. I catch her rubbing the blanket between her fingers or playing peek-a-boo with it (which she doesn't do with any other blankets). I will definitely buy these in the future for family and friends who are expecting.

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Acer Aspire V3-571-6643 15.6-Inch Laptop (Midnight Black) Review & Specs ||

Acer Aspire V3-571-6643 15.6-Inch Laptop (Midnight Black) Review
So far I am very happy with this purchase. I was looking for a core I5 processor and nice big screen for under $500, and this unit does nicely. The keyboard has a good feel to me - the keys are spaced out which feels a little odd at first, but makes "fat-fingering" almost impossible. The sound is good, though not loud - but I can use external speakers if I need loud. It looks like it will be easy to upgrade the RAM - I ordered a second 4GB stick from crucial for $24, but it has not arrived yet, so I can't verify how easy it is. Not a hard-core gaming machine, but you knew that. The built-in Intel graphics bring the "Windows Experience Index" down to 4.7. The CPU rates a solid 7 (7.9 is the maximum, for some reason). It is excellent for work, casual gaming and watching movies. It has HDMI out and a USB 3.0 port and a 500GB hard drive. Good battery life. Boots up very quickly. Webcam seems adequate. There was a lot of junk installed on the system, but I was able to easily uninstall what I did not want.

For the price, I highly recommend this notebook PC. I was able to get it for under $500 from Amazon itself - the price seems to vary a lot depending on who you buy it from.

Update - very easy to update the RAM. One large panel on the bottom with two screws provides access to HD, RAM and wireless card. The system recognized the additional RAM immediately on restart, without my having to go into BIOS.



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